Your Driving Lessons

  • Professional male and female instructors.

  • Experienced at helping you pass.

  • Free theory test training on line

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Taxi training

  • Advanced driving instructors

  • Blue Lamp & Diamond covered

  • Helping you drive the public in safety

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Instructor Training

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  • Plenty of work available
  • You will not have to sign a contract
  • Professional support
  • You will need to supply own car.

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We understand that the road to your passing your driving test and getting a full UK driving licence can be difficult.
Besides being calm and patient we want to make a promise to you.
  1. To put your safety and safe driving at the heart of what we do.

  2. To treat what you say and do with respect and confidentiality.

  3. To understand that there are no stupid questions only stupid answers.

  4. To acknowledge you will never make a mistake, but you are only exploring possibilities on a learning curve.

  5. To remember you are the one in the driving seat.

To book a driving instructor please call us on 02393 66 68 95 or use our contact form